Kernel Panic on Install

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I just recently bought Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Suite (which only allows me to use version 8.0) and seem to have a issue installing it. I get kernel panic right after installation on my ThinkPad t480. I cant access logs and am struggling to troubleshoot this. I installed the os, got kernel panic, restarted the pc, and i turned on the system to see a screen about my subscription and license agreement. I confirm the subscription and reboot too then get the same pop up about the agreement. I've tried multiple times to fix this to arrive where i left off. Any help?


Hello Ben,

Can explain in more detail what you are doing? A kernel panic does not fix itself usually.

What installation media do you use, a DVD or USB stick and do you remove it after the installation?


Jan Gerrit Kootstra

I'm using the largest iso, dvd, on a sandisk usb. I install it and keep the USB in until the install is done.