Creating a User via the UI without specifying a password; what is the defaulted password?

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The Admin user can create User accounts via the Identity Management UI without specifying the password. How is it possible to authenticate the new account without knowing the password? I.e. how does the owner of the new account find out what their password is?

I'm assuming that when creating a User account if the password field is not filled in then the system creates a default password. If so, how do you find out what it is?


Hi David,

Although I never created a new user without setting a password, I assume that the admin password will be used instead then. :)


Hi Christian,

Thank you for your response. I don't know why my question was posted twice - I only clicked the post button once. However I did notice I got 2 emails from Red Hat telling me my post had been posted.

I've just created a new user without setting a password and tried the Admin password - no success so it doesn't use the Admin password.

Kind regards, David

Hi David,

You can "EDIT" the user and set a (new) password in the LOGIN INFORMATION section of the User Management interface. :)


Hi David,

In case I misunderstood something and you're talking about a new user on a system and not about a new Red Hat login :
When you don't set a password for a new user - then the new user can login to the system without using a password ... :)


When you create a new password without setting a password, the new user's account should be locked:

# useradd brandnew && grep brandnew /etc/passwd /etc/shadow

Once created in this way, you need to explicitly set a password if you want the user to be able to perform password-based logins.

The question is specific to creating a new Identity Management User either by using the IPA UI or via the command line as follows:

ipa user-add jsmith --first=John --last=Smith

In this example the User will be created but what is the password?

The reason for my query is the administrator for our Identity Management installation will need to create many user accounts in one sitting and having to generate a password for each that complies with the password policy is considered too laborious. If we knew what the "default" password is then the administrator could issue that when telling the User that their account is ready for use. The User would be required to change the password on first use.

If we can't determine what the "default" password is then it's been suggested that we install a random password generator that the administrator can copy the password from and then paste in the password fields.