RPM build tools not available in UBI?

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I'm trying to set up our CI pipeline to build RPMs using the RHEL8 UBI containers, but they seem to be missing the RPM development tools from the repositories, e.g. 'rpmbuild', 'rpmdev-setuptree', etc.

Are these likely to be included within the redistributable UBI or will them remain a subscription-only feature?


Hi Dane,

You answered your question yourself ... what's included in the UBI container image is included - what's not included, not. :)

There is a workaround though, you can download RPM packages from CentOS or fedora, create a new container and copy
these packages via podman cp into the container. After having installed the packages, you can create a new image via the
podman export command. What in future UBI versions will be included or not, remains to be seen, it won't be predictable.

As UBI is designed to be as light-weight as possible, my personal assumption is that development tools will not be added.