VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM)

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Hi, I am playing around the cloudforms for a while in lab, doing test in different scenario. My provider infrastructure is VMware environment.
I have stuck with VMware SRM (8.2) DR solution. Each time I switch virtual system to recovery center, cloudforms generate new virtual system instance in CF inventory. New instance has also the new ID (and is in fact the new object to CF).
Is there any way to force CF to see all VM in SRM as a one object?

According to this presentation, SRM (as well as Zerto) is supported: https://edutrainings.cz/images/ke-stazeni/RedHat_Automation_HPE_Seminar_SG.PDF



This happens when the virtual hardware (for example virtual MAC address) of the system is changed, then CloudForms sees it as a new system. Can you double check that?

MAC remains the same, BUT the config.uuid changed (at least I checked this parameter, maybe more). Anyway, any idea how to deal with this? Maybe someone struggled with the same?

This is VMware related and not CloudForms. See this url: