How does Satellite register configuration and drift?

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Hello all,

I was given the impression that Satellite is able to monitor hosts for configuration drift. What kind of configuration monitoring rules are available for Satellite to set up? Are we able to monitor e.g., /etc/resolv.conf for any changes?

I see in the User email settings two options: "Config Error State" and "Config Summary". What are these pulling from, and how do I set these up?

-- Andrew


Hi Andrew,

Check out Puppet for configuration management. Red Hat Satellite 6.5 Puppet Guide

Puppet agents are deployed to managed hosts with Satellite 6 as the Puppet master. Satellite 6 triggers the execution of Puppet between the master and the respective agent on each system. Puppet runs can occur automatically as a daemon that checks and manages the machine's configuration over its lifecycle or manually.

Reports from Puppet are uploaded to Satellite 6 after the configuration workflow completes.