Installing RHEL on Dell with Lifecycle Controller

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Has anyone had difficulty installing with the lifecycle controller with media downloaded off the customer portal? I'm trying to set up my dev box and the lifecycle controller doesn't validate the media and keeps reporting "no media".


Hi Daniel,

I recommend to install the system in the "traditional way" ... download the DVD.iso, create a bootable medium, boot from this medium and start the installation. This method is proven to work reliably and lets you achieve what you want in an easy way. :)


I deal with very few physical machines these days, but I have recently installed RHEL 7.x on Dell hardware using the iDRAC / Lifecycle controller remote media feature.

What is the Dell hardware in question? (model) and is the LifeCycle Controller (and BIOS & other firmware) fully up-to-date? There have been many recent changes (mostly due to Java issues in iDRAC / LCC, and Spectre/Meltdown stuff in the BIOS ) that make running old firmware a Very Bad Thing(tm).

Also, did you verify the checksum of the downloaded .iso file from Red Hat? (that's the equivalent of a 'media check' for ISOs, without actually burning the image to a disc). Finally, which Red Hat media are you trying to use (presumably one of the recent rhel-*-dvd.iso files, but it is always helpful to know _which_ one).