Apache Karaf 4.2 included in RH Fuse 7.3 not working with OpenJDK 11

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Hi all,

I've been running some test with RH Fuse 7.3, witch includes Apache Karaf 4.2, using OpenJDK 11 and giving me some errors.

The same tests with Java 1.8 worked perfectly.

Having a look at the Apache Karaf website I could see that versión 4.3 supports OpenJDK 11 and I'd like to know if it's planned to upgrade RH Fuse with Apache Karaf 4.3 in a near future.

Thanks in advance


Hello Vicente,

Thanks for reaching out to us. JDK 11 is not supported in Fuse 7. It is not on our 7.x roadmap right now but is being considered for Fuse 8.

Best Regards, Torsten Mielke