389-ds-base, cracklib-devel, doxygen, libcmocka-devel and many other missing from RHEL8

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Hi folks.

I'm trying to install 389-ds-base (dnf install 389-ds-base) in RHEL8, but no package with that name has found.

Besides that, i'm trying to build 389ds from sources, but many of your dependencies has missing too. (cracklib-devel, doxygen, libcmocka-devel, python3-argparse-manpage).

Any thoughts to this?



Welcome to RHEL 8!

Make sure you have the "AppStream RPMs" repository enabled; 389-ds-base is not in the "BaseOS" repo. For the other packages, especially anything ending in -devel, you will probably also need to enable the "CodeReady Builder for Linux" repository (has many development-related packages, similar to the old rhel-7-{server,workstation}-optional-rpms repository).

Additionally, 389-ds is an interesting case because it is packaged as a "module", and is one of the very few modules which are entirely disabled in the default RHEL 8 configuration. Run "yum module list" to see the complete list of modules available (389-ds should be right at the top) and their current status. To get access to the packages in the "389-ds" module ("stream" version 1.4), run:

yum module enable 389-ds

For the other packages (except python3-argparse-manpage, I didn't find that at all on my system), run:

subscription-manager repos --enable codeready-builder-for-rhel-8-x86_64-rpms

Thanks James! I activated the 389-ds module and installed the packages successfully. Really i'm not aware to 389-ds module activation, i'm writing a self tip to the future :)