Is there a qt5 development meta package for RHEL8 yet?

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As a developer who's recently installed RHEL8 for his development rig my first task was to try to install the qt5 meta package along with qtcreator that I'm used to having on Fedora and Slackware. However, while I can find various qt5 packages in the repo, there doesn't seem to be a development meta package of any kind, and I can't find qtcreator at all (though qt5-designer is available).

Is this still in the works? If I go to QT directly they state that its RHEL supported configuration is RHEL 7.4 with GCC 5.3.1

Do I need to compile the entire QT toolset myself, or did the meta package slip through the cracks and I should just be patient for it?


There is still no qt-creator package and this is really strange and annoying. I ended up compiling it myself but I think it should be part of the OS or at least EPEL8.

I think that for Qt development on RHEL the best approach is to download the Qt online installer from and then do a complete installation on /opt/Qt. This will install Qt Creator with a complete SDK which can then be easily updated and used for development purposes without having to rely on repositories.