Rolled back VM, how do I get errata in Portal to reflect that

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I'm running Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.3. I'm trying to do some testing for a patch strategy.
I am testing with a Red Hat VM on VMWare Workstation. I patched it and confirmed that the errata was updated in the Portal to show the system patched.

I have now rolled the VM back to do more testing and I'm trying to get the portal to reflect that it now needs a number of patches again.
I've tried several commands to try to get the portal to update but none have been successful. Does anyone know how to force this to update to the current server state?

Here's what I have tried:
rpm --query redhat-release-server
subscription-manager repos --list enabled
yum clean
subscription-manager status
subscription-manager refresh
yum repolist
yum clean all, then yum repolist
yum check-update (which does bring up a long list of patches reqd)


Hello Maureen, I'm not 100% sure this link is a true fix for your situation. I'd recommend opening a case with Red Hat, and checking with them prior to running that solution in the link I mentioned.

I dug for a while and didn't seem to find anything that matched what you are describing.



Thks, I had looked at that one but as it was for earlier versions, I didn't test it out. I also noted that the packages.json had an old date/time stamp on it, so I assumed it wasn't actually being used. I guess I could roll forward again with patches to test that theory out, as I turned up an old VM to do this testing. I've opened up a ticket with Redhat on the issue.