Migrating Satellite server from 6.2 to 6.4

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Is there a migration step that is documented for moving contents from 6.2 to 6.4 ?

Plan is to build new servers with 6.4 and move the clients over to the new servers.Is there a documented process to migrate the contents over from 6.2 to 6.4.


I am curious as to why are you wanting to build a new Satellite 6.4 and move your clients over versus simply upgrading your Satellite 6.2 system?

Satellite 6.2 are running on RHEL 6.7 & legacy hardware

There is a supported path for you to get to 6.4 without having to rebuild your Satellite.

Basically, you will do the following:

  • take a backup of your Satellite using katello-backup
  • stage this backup somewhere safe, like an NFS server.
  • install a fresh RHEL7 system and install the satellite-clone package.
  • configure satellite-clone to use your backup and then run it.

This will take care of getting you from 'Satellite 6.2 running on RHEL6' to 'Satellite 6.2 running on RHEL7'. This is documented in The Upgrade Guide

Next you'd run the upgrade tool foreman-maintain to perform the upgrade to 6.3. (And then run it again to upgrade to 6.4)

I would suggest this path instead of a rebuild. A rebuild means you have to

  • resync your content
  • recreate your organizations,users, content views, etc, etc.
  • have to (re)register systems to the new Satellite.

Thanks for the reply....How about Puppet and GIT migration... the current version of Puppet is 3 and i believe Satellite server 6.4 has puppet 5 .And will it affect the above sequence

That is accounted for as well in the upgrade docs. There is an upgrade to Puppet 4 that must be completed prior to the upgrade to Satellite 6.4.

Which repository provides the satellite-clone package?

Hello Neil,

See this link for the rpm satellite-clone.

Version:  satellite-clone-1.4.2-1.el7sat.noarch.rpm  
Details  Available From
Repos shown are based on your active subscriptions

Product (Variant, Version, Architecture)      |    Repo Label
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7 x86_64  |  rhel-7-server-satellite-maintenance-6-rpms 
                                          |  rhel-7-server-satellite-maintenance-6-beta-rpms 
SHA-256: 6d37ce7004ec57cfe6fa8cf2e6dc6ae8663ffdf472665af5cdbb257612038b69    40.2 KB



Good Morning.

I have same question here. We are planning migrate satellite 6.3 to 6.9.

Initial plan is to build new servers with 6.9 along with two capsules servers and move the clients over to the new servers.

Is there a migration step that is documented for moving contents from 6.3 to 6.9 ?

Or I can I applied same upgrade path as suggested by @Rich Jerrido.

The reason we wanted to go down our initial plan is because puppet version 6.3

Hi Abdoul Alarou,

That's a long path to upgrade, and here's something to go over very very carefully.

You will find this text below at the Red Hat satellite upgrade helper.

This app is designed to help you upgrade your Red Hat Satellite 6 to a newer version. All you need to provide is information about your upgrade path. We will not only present you the steps to upgrade Red Hat Satellite 6, but we'll also give you some extra steps that will prevent known issues specific to your upgrade scenario.

It supports the following upgrade paths:

6.3 to 6.4
6.4 to 6.5
6.5 to 6.6
6.6 to 6.7
6.7 to 6.8
6.8 to 6.9

IMPORTANT NOTE at the above link says Non Red Hat packages create issues during the upgrade for Red Hat Satellite or Capsule

At the very bottom of the first link I mentioned at the top of this specific post, it has [this link to the actual application that gives you the necessary guidance, I highly recommend having a very very careful read of that material at this Red Hat application. Please document things as you go along carefully.. Please carefully answer the questions to get the best guidance. Please see all the other comments in this discussion (especially Rich Jerrido's).

Kind Regards,