Ceph Shared Storage

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I want to share RBD device on multiple hosts for Oracle DAtabase ASM Storage . Can i use the RBD devices . Please let me know if anyone is already having this scenario .




Yes you can.

Make RBD device as a base block device for shared storage and use Shared storage options.

You have a couple of options:

1- Using NFS and mount file system on your nodes.

2- Provisioning iSCSI and making cLVM with GFS2 file system as a Active/Active shared storage.

And more complicated options...

Good luck.

Hi Thanks Saeid

Option 1 is not applicable due to Performance and Oracle database doesnt support NFS I can provision ISCSI through Ceph but again for GFS2 i need to get license for 2 nodes . Is there any other option . can i use rbd as a shared raw device on both nodes and let Oracle ASM manage the devices.

Do you need Active/Active shared storage?