Development and production environment for an Indie.

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I have the RHEL developer subscription, I actually to develop games and apps but Im just an indie. Developer subscription states its only for development use not production use. So cant i use it to deploy my apps or games, if yes how would they get to know ? This may seem like a stupid question ofcourse. Im an individual I use Android studio and Unreal. So for an Indie also do RH punish. As an indie ofocurse i dont have different environments like developer, test and production. I just have 2 or 3 PC's.


The concept of "development" and "production" is geared more towards companies who are using RHEL as internal infrastructure servers.

For example, a company might create a RHEL-based environment to serve a database. While that environment is being created, tested, and refined it is usually considered "development" or "test" or "pre-production". Then when the business deploys that environment and puts the company's actual business data on it, then that environment is "production".

So you couldn't use a Developer Support system as a production infrastructure server. However, you don't have any internal infrastructure servers at all, so the analogy breaks down.

One way to look at your situation is: You're using your PC to code the product you sell, so that PC could be considered "production".

Another way to look at your situation is: You're using your PC for development which is what the development subscription is for. Your "production" is the resulting game binaries which you push to Google Play or Humble or Steam or some other software delivery platform. You don't run any "production" on RHEL.

We'd have no way of telling what you're doing with your RHEL installation. The main benefit of the developer sub to you is knowlegebase access to self-solve problems you might run into or find out how to achieve things you want to do with your PC, and access to the RHEL distro and toolkit which we hope are reliable industry-standard tools which software developers like yourself find useful.

If you wanted to ask us for technical support on your PC with RHEL, then you'd need to move from the self-solve Developer subscription to one of the "production" subscriptions like Standard or Premium.

I'm just developing on the RHEL system. I just package the game in file formats and upload it on steam or wherever. So its just unclear. I don't have an enterprise or something its a desktop only. I'm just an individual i don't different environments for production or something. Its just confusing but anyway thanks for the reply.

The main thing of concern is that does RHEL consider an individual user (indie developer's) system also a production environment when we talk about the terms of use its unclear. An indie will definitely won't have different environments for testing developing and production.

Hi Jatin,

If you want to be on the "super-safe-side" ... develop your stuff with/on RHEL and "push/upload" it by using another system. :)


But I am using unreal engine packaging the code and posting it on steam, I am not directly doing any production on RHEL iteself. How will RHEL get to know anyway ?

Well Jatin, if you take your agreement to the T&C's seriously ... then I think you know how to behave correctly. :)


Thats what i cant understand i dont have different environment for production the analogy breaks down eventually as Jamie explained.. And i also not run any production on RHEL my Unreal Engine code results in binaries which I then upload to steam or humble bundle. So as an indie does it violates the T&C's or not.

What I don't understand Jatin, why don't you just ask Red Hat Customer Support ?
We are volunteers and not Red Hat employees, who are the the right source to ask.

Cheers :)

Hi Jatin,

Inspired by your posts in this thread (you're not alone with your questions), I thought it might be a good idea to clarify the
general situation. You may want to read my post RHEL Developer Edition : development / production - what's allowed ... :)