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I love using the Red Hat discussions to find answers or contribute to the community by solving problems. But I'm on the go most of the time, and the Red Hat discussion website isn't geared towards mobile. For that, I created a Slack workplace.

This slack workspace is for people who are interested in joining a study group for help studying for the RHCSA/RHCE/RHCA.

You’re welcome to join even if you’ve already taken the exams to help the community but please honor the NDA that you signed.

Happy Studying!

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Hi Zach,

You may want to consider posting your offering on the dedicated Red Hat Learning portal as well ... :)


Hello, is this group still active?

Yes Chris, join here

Thanks Zach! will do :)

Slack This link is no longer active

To join this workspace, you’ll need to ask the person who originally invited you for a new link.

Yes the annoying thing about slack links (even if they say they never expire) is they expire after 1000 uses.

Here is another one for you to join here

Is there a new link the current link isn't active.

Hi Hameed, I updated the post with the new link. It should work now. Thanks

Thanks Zach. I joined the group now.

Hi, Zach.

Could you let me in , in the Study Group providing me a link?

Many thanks for your job!

Hello could you create a new link? Because it says that is "inactive" :(

Nevermind it works :)

hii sir in my laptop mailx command not working . how to fix this

Hi Zach, can you give us a new link to the slack workspace? Thanks in advance.

I'd like to join too!

Hi Zach, I'm interested to join as well. Thanks.

Christian mentioned this earlier, is the official Red Hat Learning community and is very much active.


Can someone post the link to the slack please? Thank you!