Satellite beta 6.5 and subscription manifests

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Hi all,
I just got the Satellite 6.5 beta announcement and it looks like there are a bunch of things in there that will be useful to me.

I've been going through the satellite 6.5 Beta Navigation Guide's Example Workflow and I'm unsure where to get a manifest from for the step that says "Using hammer, import a subscription-manifest".

Obviously I could just download the manifest I have for my current Satellite, but surely that won't work. I would expect that my beta Satellite server would notice that the manifest is intended for use on some other Satellite server and refuse to use it.

I'm expecting that I will need to carve some subscriptions off from my current Satellite server and set up a new Subscription Allocation. Is that right? That involves a moderate amount of faffing about on my part, so I'd like someone to confirm that is what I should do before I rush off and do it.



Hi Lloyd,

I don't work for Red Hat... I suspect you know about the Satellite Subscription tool at this link which allows you to generate your own Satellite manifests.

You ought to have a separate satellite entitlement for the Satellite beta (I have a separate entitlement for my satellite beta). Now to your question.... I doubt they'd allow/have additional entitlements for your beta satellite. That being said... it's a beta. you could (if Red Hat Sales agrees, I imagine they would allow the) use of cost-free developer RHEL Server subscriptions (agree to the terms at This seems to make sense according to the Satellite 6.5 FAQ page which states that the Beta is not to be used in production see this link. So if it's not to be used in production.... then it would... be non-production and seem to fit the case of development....

For a true definitive answer, I'd recommend contacting Red Hat Sales directly (this is of course the volunteer Red Hat discussion forum). I suspect you could use developer's suite or developer's subscriptions to evaluate it based on the last link I provided.



Thanks RJ, I didn't know about developer licenses. They look pretty useful for beta testing, so I'll run that past our account manager.



If you are a current Satellite customer, we will give you some additional subscription to enable you to try out the Beta. Please head over to and click "Sign Up". You will need to provide your portal creds but it will result in new subscriptions being added.

Thank you for helping test Satellite 6.5!