How to deactivate account?

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Could you please help me to deactivate(delete) my account?


Hi Vakula,

We can't do this for you, you need to contact the Red Hat Customer Support team and ask them to do it for you. :)
But why do you want to delete your account ? Maybe you want to continue using Red Hat products at a later time.


Support cases and chat are not available for people who haven't bought something. As an EU citizen I have the legal right to be forgotten under GDPR. This is a clear violation of that law.

You can contact Redhat support and ask them about this. Surely they will help. Actually as Developer subscription you will get licence to use RHEL with self support (won't get any commercial support like phone or support ticket{Support ticket availablity is very limited })

Check/Visit the below site. Fill-up your information and select " I have a login ID and I want Red Hat to delete it."

Hope this help!