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I am running Satellite 6.2 trying to generate a query in the WebUI to just gather Content hosts with specific Description.
When I list the serer out in Hammer it shows
additional info:
Owner Id: 3
Owner Type: User
Enabled: yes
Model: VMware Virtual Platform
Cell D

In the WebUI it shows "Description Cell D"
I want to search for my nodes with Cell D for say that way I can apply updates just to that "Cell" then move to next Cell to do same instead of searching through all of them to select the servers.
Any help would be appreciated to use the Search box in the WebUI
I have tried several different queries and still have not found the right one.


I found my issue was missing the " " around Cell D

Good catch. Just a reminder: Satellite 6.2 is in Maintenance Support 2 and its end of life will be around mid of 2019, plan the upgrade soon.

I have been trying to upgrade to 6.3 at min but trying to do it is a struggle with uppers. I need to com e up with a good plan and deployment to do upgrade efficiently at this point.