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Chapter 5. Configuring a GFS2 File System in a Cluster

mkfs.gfs2 -j2 -p lock_dlm -t rhel7-demo:gfs2-demo /dev/cluster_vg/cluster_lv

pcs resource create clusterfs Filesystem device="/dev/cluster_vg/cluster_lv" directory="/var/mountpoint" fstype="gfs2" "options=noatime" op monitor interval=10s on-fail=fence clone interleave=true

mount |grep /mnt/gfs2-demo

/dev/mapper/cluster_vg-cluster_lv on /mnt/gfs2-demo type gfs2 (rw,noatime,seclabel)

LockTable name is rhel7-demo:gfs2-demo. So, FSname is gfs2-demo and does not to have anything to do with mount point.
mount point is defined as /var/mountpoint, I know it's quite descriptive but why /mnt/gfs2-demo in the output of the third command instead of /var/mountpoint. This is confusing for reader.
Also in second command there is a typo error: "options=noatime" instead of options="noatime". Here is set only noatime attribute, but in output we see: rw,noatime,seclabel. Also confusing for reader.



I am the writer who works on maintaining the GFS2 manual. Thank you for this feedback.

The typo in the second command is now fixed in the version of the document on the Portal.

I will be checking into the issue of clarifying the names of the file system (as used in the locktable name) and the mount point. There is now a documentation BZ to track this:

On further research, it turns out that it doesn't matter in a command line where the quotation marks are and this was not actually an error (I was confused originally by this comment, because I did test the example back when we first wrote it). For the RHEL 8 comparable example we don't include the quotation marks at all so for consistency going forward I'll just remove them here as well.

The procedure has now been updated in the published document with names of file systems and mount points that should be a little clearer -- the file system name is now related to the mount point, and the documentation notes that this is not required but it can help with troubleshooting. Some additional small clarifications have been made as well.