Satellite 6.4 with CentOS 7 Content Hosts

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I have some CentOS hosts joined to my Satellite 6.4 system and am managing content ok. The problem I am having is that Satellite isn't showing the OS version for CentOS 7, but it is for 6.8. Has anyone else run into this?Content Host List


Same problem here, no resolution yet.

I have the same problem... I think the subscription-manager package available for CentOS 7 is not totally compatible with Red Hat Satellite server. It is not the same but you can manually do this task by selecting All Hosts > click on the CentOS host you want to work on, then do edit > manage host > Operating System > Select the OS from the drop-down menu > Submit. Revert the manage host selection by clicking on Edit > select Unmanage host > submit; the OS property will persist. This is not a solution but it is a work-around.

Thanks. I've been doing it manually via hammer:

hammer host update --id=<> --operatingsystem-id=<>