Ansible Tower credential store for "machine" (ssh) credentials

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I'm wondering how Ansible Tower stores the user's private key when adding a "machine" credential as a credential to use within Ansible Tower.

  1. Does anybody know how Ansible Tower stores these keys in it's backend?
  2. Is this a file or Database entry?
  3. Where is it located?
  4. Is it encrypted? If so, what type of encryption is used?
  5. Where can I find more specific details on this?

I need to know this in order to be convinced whether it's safe to store precious private key's in Ansible Tower as "machine" credentials.

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Thanks, I already saw that link, but it does not answer all the questions I had.

After some work I found the following to complete my question: The keys are stored in a postgres database called "awx". The keys themselves are encrypted with the method as described on the link and placed inside the table "main_credential".