DM ImageStreams Documentation: Missing Image Importing and Tagging Information

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At , it's clearly described how to import the image stream definitions.

At least on my minishift instance, the weird problem is getting the images into the installation which turned out to be quite a (not yet solved) nightmare.

It could be helpful to document the entire process from imagestream to running pod including the image import process (or a link to it), especially for non OCP operators.


Hi Karsten,

I find getting the image steam definition in yaml / json format from the github repo is the easiest way to do this. If you want to deploy rhdm7.8 wget the raw version of this file ->


Then oc apply -f rhdm78-image-streams.yaml or oc replace -f rhdm78-image-streams.yaml

You may need to use --force which just deletes first and then creates.

Also consider above is based on rhel8 images you may need rhel7 images which I cannot find yet.

Another consideration is whether the version you pulled has supported container versions in the red hat container registry.

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