Content View and Errata in WebUI just spin with loading

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Last week started applying the latest batch of Errata that had come out for the quarter so I could start my patching cycle. This morning come in and the Errata,Content View, Products, Activation Keys pages just have the spinning logo with loading, attaching a screenshot of one of them. I going through each piece to see if I can find any others at this time.
I have stopped and started the Katello-service. - did not fix
I have rebooted the node - did not fix
Any other suggestions or what to look for? I figured I would start here before submitting a ticket.
Thanks in advance


Found issue - candlepin had failed and had to run an upgrade a few times over to get things back into place.

Only fixed part of the issue- rebooted node and it happened again where candlepin is broke and pages are still spinning.

Glad you got it sorted James, thanks for posting what fixed it.

It is only partly fixed at this time. I still have several pages just spinning with Loading.

Part of the spinning pages is all based on browser- I went through Chrome, Explorer both acted same downloaded FireFox and tried it works fine. So seems something has changed in the other browsers causing the part of the issue.