All Red Hat repos gone after Virtual Datacenter subscriptions renewal

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I am seeing that all the Red Hat repositories are gone from all of my servers after my Virtual Datacenter Subscriptions got renewed yesterday. I added the subscriptions to Satellite Server 6 again and refreshed the Manifest file. But that didn't fix the issue. Virt-who is running fine on Satellite server. What could be the issue here?


Do you still have the data center subscriptions assigned to your host servers? Are you client servers properly showing as registered and utilizing a virtual data center subscription?

Thanks for responding Mike. I fixed the issue last week. What I observed during the troubleshooting was that my subscriptions were missing from 'subscription allocation' from customer portal and that just happened after the subscriptions were renewed after they got expired. I do not know how that happened. I added the subscriptions there and downloaded a new Manifest file as refreshing Manifest didn't work. So, I uploaded a new one via Satellite Server web UI. After that, all the hosts started reporting after virt-who started mapping ESXI hosts. I am still not sure if that's the standard procedure we have to do after VDC subscriptions renewal.