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I'm new to Satellite and have recently setup a small Satellite server/environment but have a few issues. I have two hosts attached at this point.

First, in "Monitor -> dashboard", the Satellite server shows up as unregistered while two host show up as registered.

Second, in "Hosts -> All Hosts", both clients have the warning "Could not calculate errata status, ensure host is registered and katello-agent is installed". Both have Katello installed, are registered to the Satellite server and belong to the Subscription listed in "Subscription Allocation" for Satellite on the Customer Portal.

Third, in "Hosts -> Content Hosts", both clients show not installable updates and the "virtual Guests" information shows "0 Content Hosts".

These are all most likely training/understanding issues on my end. Any help would be appreciated.


Hello Tom

1] The base system on which "Satellite Server" is installed shows up as an unregistered system, that is normal now that self-registered Satellites are not supported.

2] Did you provision those using Satellite or manually? In the past, if registered an existing system to Satellite and then installed katello agent you had to restart goferd to it get working manually. That should no longer be an issue on Sat6.4 though.

3] "not installable updates", lets try get the errata status working first.