Remove Puppet Class from Child Hostgroup?

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Running Satellite 6.2.15. Is there a way to remove selected puppet classes from a child hostgroup, where the child has inherited the class from the parent hostgroup?
I created a child for virtual machines where the partition table and a few other configurations need to be different from the physical machines for the same project. Specifically, the parent hostgroup has a class that configures NIC bonding, and I don't want to run that on the hosts in the child hostgroup since they're virtual and only have one NIC. The GUI doesn't allow it ... looking at hammer and at the API I don't see a way. When I use the API to show the child hostgroup, the puppet classes array is empty.


I don't think it's meant to be used that way. Remove the puppet class from the parent and add to all other child-hostgroups that need it. If you really (really really) want to keep using it that way, build a disable parameter into that puppet class and set that smart parameter on the child hostgroup :)