Migrate Content Hosts to new Satellite Server.

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Howdy Y'all,

I am looking to build a new Satellite 6.4 server without going through the update process. The Old server is Satellite 6.2 and YUM is not in a healthy state.

Is there a resource I can be pointed towards that describes how to migrate the Content Hosts from the 6.2 server to the 6.4 server? I have done the Google but there's nothing the describes what I want to do.

Looking to Build 6.4 from scratch and don't want to re-register all the hosts to the new server. DNS name of the server would remain the same.

Thanks in Advance!


If you don't want to re-register the hosts, your primary option is to fix whatever fails your Satellite 6.2 environment. (And feel free to open a support ticket to get assistance). This will allow you to keep your existing setup.

Otherwise, you are building a net-new Satellite and you will have to (re)register the clients to it. (If you do choose to go this route, leverage the bootstrap script and remote execution)

Understood. I have inherited the 6.2 server and I feel more comfortable building a new 6.4 server entirely.

I will look into bootstrap and remote execution.