Repos and maintaining a minor release when patching using Satellite

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I have a disconnected Satellite with the 6Server and 7Server repos made available to our various RHEL 6 and RHEL 7 servers.

Our support staff has indicated that there may be situations where we would need to patch a client (lets say a RHEL 6.7 server) and maintain it's minor release version to 6.7.

I tried using only minor release repos in Satellite, but that didn't work since it was looking for 6Server and 7Server repos. (See We only use Standard subscriptions if that matters.

Is it possible to patch a server through Satellite and maintain the minor release version? Do I need to download the 6Server/7Server repos as well as the minor release repos in order to do this?


could you elaborate please?

You should not be doing that unless you have EUS/E4S/... subscriptions. A system staying on a minor release will not get any security updates without those subscriptions. That being said, you can simply add the minor release repositories through the UI and they will get synced. You'll need to create a new content view or something like that depending on how you handle this in your satellite.