Monitoring an Application Running in An OpenShift Cluster

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I'm looking for a recommendation with respect to application monitoring and alerting for custom applications running inside an OpenShift cluster.

From the application perspective, if an app owner/developer wanted to monitor his application's performance (encompassing viewing logs, alerting on error or warning messages, viewing performance data, alerting on specific performance metrics, receiving email/text notifications when alerts are triggered, etc..) what tools/components should he be using to satisfy these requirements? Is RedHat's direction to do all of this through Kibana and Prometheus? Should we be looking at other tools such as the Grafana dashboard or Sysdig?

Our installation is v3.9 of OpenShift but we will likely be moving to 3.10 in the near future. We are looking for guidance and a recommendation.


I recommend doing a consultation with the Red Hat team (TAM for pro-active calling with support and Consulting for performing activities) to better support these activities. Upgrade information can be found in the documentation.