unable to access OPENTLC lab.

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i am facing problem in login the OPEN lab, i tried with the username and password of redhat portal but it is not working.
please help ASAP


Hi Abhinav,

Unfortunately we are not a support portal, so we can't help you with this. Please contact the relevant support team. Good luck ! :)


Hi with my login username of custmer partner can i login to OPENTLC? many thanks

It's crap that my lab VM's show "shelved_offloaded" and that I can't start them

My lab VM's show "offloaded" and that I can't start OCP4_STUDENTVM

Hi all,

OpenTLC issues need to be addressed by the Partner helpdesk of your region. You can open a support case via the dashboard of Partner Portal

Like Christian Labisch is pointing out, this is a Customer Forum where a lot Red Hatters help out, but it is not a Red Hat Service Desk webpage.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra