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I am currently migrating application from EAP6.4 to EAP7.1. I just wanted to know if remoting protocol (4447) has been deprecated ?

JBoss 6.4 to 7.1 migration guide says
Port Reduction
By utilizing HTTP upgrade, JBoss EAP 7 has moved nearly all of its protocols to be multiplexed over just two HTTP ports: a management port (9990), and an application port (8080).


Also compare the OOTB standalone-full-ha.xml file from JBoss 6.4 with 7.1, we will see the “remoting” protocol for 4447 has been removed.



Section 4.9 of the guide you reference provides the answer: "The HornetQ component in JBoss EAP 6 provided its own JMX management; however, it was not recommended and is now deprecated and no longer supported. If you relied on this feature in JBoss EAP 6, you must migrate your management tooling to use either the JBoss EAP management CLI or the JMX management provided with JBoss EAP 7.

You must also upgrade your client libraries to use the jboss-client.jar that ships with JBoss EAP 7."

Yes, JMX is deprecated. It's superceded by an HTTP API interface that effectively aligns with the jboss-cli commands. It's configured as part of the Undertow subsystem.

To utilize, you'll need a user with management-role and either localhost execution or reconfiguration to enable public access to the 'management' endpoints.

Review the server logs for Undertow HTTP* Listening references to identify the port# in your installation.