Can't Purchase Kiosk Exam

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I've been struggling for the past 12 hours to purchase the EX405K exam but without luck. Every time after I select the exam and hit login I just get "You have no items within your Shopping Cart." and searching trough the catalog after that doesn't return any results.
I have raised a support ticket (documenting all the steps and even adding screenshots) but no one bothered to answer for 12 hours.
The annoying part is that my colleague managed to purchase the EX436K exam and he also has the options of purchasing the EX405K one.
So far I never had any issues when I was using examlocal ..
I'm quite frustrated now as I'm in a bit of a hurry.


Hi Vasile, I am considering a Kiosk exam myself. Sorry to hear you're encountering that hassle. Try contacting them and hopefully that helps, along with the Red Hat case you submitted. Apparently that link there has to do with getting in touch directly with training folks.



I am having the exact same problem. It appears this issue is around a year old.

Hi Eric,

This thread was resurrected in June of 2019. The original thread was created in August of 2018.

I recommend this link to contact Red Hat directly by phone.

Anyone landing needing to schedule a test try the link. It leads to a phone contact method to talk to on the phone Red Hat Training directly. It is unfortunate to say the least the website's link is invalid for over a year.



I'm getting the same error in November 2020. Have already used the contact-us page. Will report back...

My problem went away of its own accord about an hour later.

I am facing the same issue as well