McAfee Anti-Virus and systemd

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Had to install anti-virus on a RHEL7. This is the 1st RHEL7 system I've setup in our prod environment. Everything else has been in DEV, where we don't install 3rd party software.

After looking thru systemctl and systemctl list-unit-files, I don't think I see an entry either for McAfee or cma, which is a process that I was able to grep on.

I did find a file under /etc/init.d called cma, which is an executable.

So how does this work? It seems that some 3rd party software isn't working yet with systemd so it still gets placed under /etc/init.d?

There is no way to view either McAfee or the cma process with systemctl or systemd?



This is a apachectl service - use /opt/NAI/LinuxShield/apache/bin/apachectl status or startssl or stop to interact. Or to start and stop nailsd, you need to /opt/NAI/LinuxShield/bin/nails start, stop, status

I'm trying to figure out how to limit the firewall to only allow the host to access nailswebd... have you had any success?

Hello Christopher,

If I understand things correctly you probably are seeing the same as the person who wrote this how to for installing McAfee on RHEL/CentOS.

If you have found the stuff under /etc/init.d then wouldn't it just be a matter of creating what you need for systemd unit files with this procedure? I followed a similar procedure awhile back where the vendor had an agent we were using for our ITSM CMDB work. Their agent was written in house and was not setup for systemd out of the box. It would create the System V init scripts and I did the conversion for our RHEL 7 systems.

Thanks, Joe