TeamViewer for RHEL 7.5 server

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Hi, is it possible to install TeamViewer on RHEL server 7.5? I would like to use it to access remote windows computers. Thanks! :)


Hi GD,

Yes, it is possible ... download the .rpm file, change to the directory where it is located and execute sudo yum install *.rpm. :)


This worked great! Thanks! :)

You're welcome ! I'm glad that it worked for you. :)

By the way, I'm wondering why you don't mark working solutions as good response,
when you check your question posts, you will find that you received a lot of them. :)


I'm sorry, you are right! I should mark good responses with "Mark as best response" as a kudos to the community. :)

Thanks GD, it's mainly not about the "kudos", rather than the fact that other users who are
searching for solutions can find and see those ones which worked for other members more
easily, right because they are marked as such and are shown on top of the answer posts. :)