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Hi everybody ! :)

Since a few days I'm not receiving mail notifications from the Customer Portal Community anymore. It's a useful feature that lets us respond
quickly to replies. I have already informed David Powles (Administrator and Community Manager of the Community Portal) about this issue.

To all members who are waiting on a response from me : Please excuse me when I'm not responding as fast as I usually do - I have to open all discussions to which I've contributed regularly to check for new replies. So, please be a little bit patient ... hope the problem gets solved fast.

Do other members experience the same ? Or do you receive mail notifications when the content of discussions gets updated, just as usual ?



Same for me.

Thanks for the confirmation, Siem ! :)

Update : Last Friday, David Powles informed me that the issue should be resolved. It is - now I'm receiving mail notifications again.
I waited a bit with the update to check if it continuously works. Thank you David for having helped us to fix the problem so fast ! :)


I receive email notifications again now.

Great, RJ - that's a good hint that the problem was resolved for everyone else too ... thanks for confirming ! :)


Sorry for the delayed response here; it took us a little while to fix this. If this issue recurs, you're always welcome to contact me directly!

Will do, David - your assistance is very much appreciated ... Thanks again ! :)

Regards, Christian