RHVH: What is one actually supposed to configure in networking setup?

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The installation guide for RHVH nodes only spares a mere 3 lines in the Install Guide (https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_virtualization/4.2/html/installation_guide/red_hat_virtualization_hosts) but I've regulary encountered issues when trying to get i.e. bonds configured and VLANs.

I.e. I've configured eno1 and eno2 in Anaconda as 802.3ad bond0, put a VLAN interface bond0.200 on it where the management traffic is configured.

Setup runs through the RHVH node reboots and yet I always find system seemingly coonfigured right where the IPs are shown by ip addr and the bonds and VLANs look configured right but I still have no connectivity.

I then resort to stopping NetworkManager, delete bonds, VLAN interfaces and manually re-configure on the fly with ip link, ip addr and ip route and only then I can see working network and can join the cluster to a manager.

After vdsm has written the networks when joined to a RHV cluster the node can then be rebooted and will work afterwards.

I have been looking for such information both for oVirt node and RHVH but yet no concise indication what is supposed to be done to get it right from the start on.(TM) Having some examples would be actually nice since otherweise both Installa and Admin guide are pretty extensive and are very good.


I think that when your host(hypervisor) has network configured with eths -> bond - > vlan -> ovirtmgmt you have to add it in manager put it in maintenance mode and setup again network but from RHV manager.