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Hi, I forgot to ask how do I find what software is available on RHEL server, server extra, and optional rpms? Thanks! :)


Hi GD,

The most easy way to search for software may be to use the Red Hat Package Browser.
In a terminal you can search for packages with : sudo yum list <package-name>
To check for available software (not installed), execute : sudo yum list available
To check for software being already installed, execute : sudo yum list installed
To check for all software (available and installed), execute : sudo yum list all


Thanks for your help! :)

Yes, adding to what Christian has suggested..

By default only server repos are enabled and when you search for packages using either 'rpm' or 'yum' it would list from those channel, hence, enable additional 'extra' & 'optional' repo channels:

subscription-manager repos --enable rhel-7-server-extras-rpms
subscription-manager repos --enable rhel-7-server-optional-rpms

Now, check out the enabled repository channels using :

subscription-manager repos --list-enabled

So, you could list out packages using the 'yum' command. This would show all packages there available/installed. To list out all installed packages 'yum list installed' and to list out available packages 'yum list available' commands could be used. But this list would be a huge one, hence, you may use 'yum grouplist' to view packages by group-wise which provides better view of available/installed groups (packages). To list out packages in a specific group, you could run 'yum groupinfo ', for example, to list out all packages available in 'Debugging Tools' group, 'yum groupinfo 'Debugging Tools'.

By default, only mandatory & default packages in any group gets installed. To change this need to add 'group_package_types' parameter with required options. So, if you wish to install all packages in a group, you could add the below line to /etc/yum.conf file:


Make changes as per your requirements. All the best!

Thanks for your help! :)

Hi GD,

If you use non Red Hat yum repositories too, or not:

yum list available

gives a list of all packages and the corresponding repositories.


Jan Gerrit

Thanks, Jan Gerrit, for making it a little bit more precise what I already told him :
"To check for available software (not installed), execute : sudo yum list available"

Cheers :)

Red Hat have split their rpms up into so many repositories it is absolutely ludicrous.

What people want is a way to find out if packages are available on Red Hat, without enabling ALL of the hundreds of idiotically fragmented repositories...