Moving local git repository of decisison central in Decision Manager 7.0

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I want to set up new repository for my new space in decision cetral. Default location is set to "working directory" in .niogit folder as defined in system properties. I want to migrate or setup new repository for my new projects on remote location e,g, github or bitbucket site.

I´m almost sure that such thing can´t be done and decision central engine needs repository on local file system.

As a workaround I tried to set remote origin to local git repository and post-commit hook with git push origin master command. I run this all on windows7 64bit environment.

I have red that this should work for jboss brms 6.2 - 6.4 version. Unfortunately for version 7 (Decision Manager) it doesn ´t.

I tried to set up another local git repository with remote origin and my post-commit hook works fine.

When I run git command from command line inside .\bin\working directory.niogit\myrepo.git it works perfectly...

This solution - - doesn´t work. Is it bug or this is depriciated function in new version?

Thaks for any suggestions :).



This function is not supported yet in this version(RHDM-7.0.1), will be available in the next release...