JBOSS EAP 6.3.3 (Update 03)

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At work, we are in the process of moving to JBOSS 6.3 and I want to see the release notes for 6.3.3 (Update 03). Our procurement team have the login with our subscriptions and they are a pain to go through... are the notes published elsewhere? Every link I find takes me back to my account page, and since I don't have any of the subscriptions on my account I end up none the wiser.


Hi Hiren,

For JBoss EAP cumulative patch releases, the only release notes we publish is a list of CVEs, Bugzillas, and JIRAs that were addressed in that patch release. This list is only available on the patch download page, which is why you are being prompted for authentication for a Red Hat account with a subscription.

The main release notes document for the JBoss EAP 6.3 release can be seen with the docs on the Customer Portal, and shouldn't require a login. This document contains most of the major changes for the JBoss EAP 6.3 release stream.

Hi Lucas,

It is those "CVEs, Bugzillas, and JIRAs" that I would like to be able to see, and as I mentioned, whilst I could easily go and ask our procurement team to login and get me this list, I am trying to address a potentially wider problem.

In most organisations, only a select few would have the login for their subscription, but visibility of releases and what is included is useful for many more. Whilst I can easily find out when there are patch releases for our RHEL and JBOSS EAP installations, without requesting the detailed list from those who have logins, I have no way of knowing whether that patch is useful for me, When I made this post, I wanted to find out if there is anything of interest to us in 6.3.3 and I still don't know because the people in my company who can see wouldn't be looking at their emails until tomorrow.

Why is the detail not public? Surely there isn't any detail which requires one to have a subscription?

Hi Hiren,

I'm sorry that this issue is inconveniencing you. I will pass your feedback onto the relevant product managers.

If it's possible for your organization, the organization administrator can delegate download access to employee accounts (described here). This might help you get access without needing the administrator login for your organization's subscription.

As far as I know, the reason why the release note list is only the download page is purely a build process. As always, the source code is open.


Yes it is an inconvenience, but that is all it is. It isn't a big issue because I can get to the release notes via other people.

I will request access for myself, but if you could please pass on the feedback it would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure I am not alone, so having them public would also help others, especially if there is no "risk" to have them available to view.

Thanks :)

Hello Hiren,

Moving to EAP 6.3 does not make sense at this point, EAP 6.3 CP3 was the last cumulative patch for EAP 6.3 which was 3 years ago [3]. Once EAP 6.4 was released cumulative patches ceased for EAP 6.3. EAP 6.4 is the last EAP 6.x release and has continued to have cumulative patch releases.

If you are moving from an earlier EAP 6.x release, you should move to EAP 6.4 and apply the latest cumulative patch. If you are migrating from an earlier EAP or other application server, then you should move to EAP 7.1 [2] and apply the latest cumulative patch release, as EAP 6.x is going end of life next year 2019 [4].

The bugs fixed in each cumulative patch (CP) were actually moved to an article which are shown on [1] [2] but later in EAP 6.4 due to another requirement, as EAP 6.3 has no more CPs at this time, we did not move them.

[1] https://access.redhat.com/articles/625703 [2] https://access.redhat.com/articles/2332721 [3] https://access.redhat.com/solutions/1347083 [4] https://access.redhat.com/support/policy/updates/jboss_notes/ [5] https://access.redhat.com/articles/547663

Thanks, Brad