Ansible Tower offline installation on a RHEL 7

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Hi everybody,

I need to install Ansible without an Internet connection. Only enough with Satellite to synchronize the repositories. Is this possible to do?


You want the ansible-tower-setup-bundle-. It doesn't require satellite to do.

Installed a 3 node tower cluster that way.


Hi Chris,

The problem is that the machine where Ansible will installed does not have access to the Internet.



It's just a tarball. Sneakernet it.


I have the the ansible-tower-setup bundle, after extracting I am unable to setup the database. I'm assuming it is a playbook and that it is included in the bundle, but when I run the database does not install. Your suggestions are welcomed, I have not found other Google others with similar situation.

For the ansible-tower bundle installation, i would suggest modifying the inventory file according to your environmental needs and then running once again. I am successful in installing tower on a single node and also 2 nodes (GUI on one and postgres on the other) i will be happy to share my procedure if needed.

can you please share the your procedure with me

How can i reach you?

I am running RHEL 7.6 My machines have no internet access, and am unable to enable the "rhel-7-server-extras-rpms" repo. Is there a workaround for that?