Ansible Tower offline installation on a RHEL 7

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Hi everybody,

I need to install Ansible without an Internet connection. Only enough with Satellite to synchronize the repositories. Is this possible to do?


You want the ansible-tower-setup-bundle-. It doesn't require satellite to do.

Installed a 3 node tower cluster that way.


Hi Chris,

The problem is that the machine where Ansible will installed does not have access to the Internet.



It's just a tarball. Sneakernet it.


I have the the ansible-tower-setup bundle, after extracting I am unable to setup the database. I'm assuming it is a playbook and that it is included in the bundle, but when I run the database does not install. Your suggestions are welcomed, I have not found other Google others with similar situation.

For the ansible-tower bundle installation, i would suggest modifying the inventory file according to your environmental needs and then running once again. I am successful in installing tower on a single node and also 2 nodes (GUI on one and postgres on the other) i will be happy to share my procedure if needed.

can you please share the your procedure with me

How can i reach you?

email iD

I am running RHEL 7.6 My machines have no internet access, and am unable to enable the "rhel-7-server-extras-rpms" repo. Is there a workaround for that?

@Kiran Muniswamappa , may you please share the procedure for offline installation as we are also looking for installing AT using offline bundle.

We went to install it, we found conflicting sets of installation procedures at docker docs website. I’ll post with more of our own details.

If anyone happens to have a set of instructions (example, a link with the instructions) that works with a tarball (without internet access, so we can install it with a tarball), please advise,