OpenShift 3.9 Webconsole issue

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Hi, I give a try to the OpenShift Origin 3.9 release running in a docker container.

Starting with OpenShift 3.9, I have deployed the OpenShift Origin release running in a docker container. I have followed the Openshift documentation:

I faced several issues described here:

and finally I have the following message in the web console using the "test" login:
"Error Invalid request Client state could not be verified".

I haven't found any solution for this.
Please let me know or should I open a RH ticket ?

Thanks in advanced.


OK I found it. I think the file install/origin-web-console/console-config.yaml was not well configured before the web console deployment (by mixing local IP and Public Urls). This time I have also created the project after the deployment of the webconsole (maybe there was no impact).

However it would be nice to mention in the following part of the documentation that the Web console has to be installed using the instructions from this page:

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