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We have satellite 6.2. After a yum update, I had occasion to revert to a snapshot. Now Satellite still shows no installable errata for that server, even though the sever was reverted to a state before the yum update. Is there a way to force satellite to update the server status?


Hi Tim, one option is to re-register the server with Satellite.

I found that on my own, but that is cumbersome - shouldn't satellite simply re-query the servers from time to time?

We found an answer.

/usr/sbin/katello-package-upload -f

thanks for this hint

Note katello-package-upload is run on every yum transaction that changes that state of the client (yum update|remove|install) . In this usage 'I reverted to snapshot, and what is represented in Satellite differs from that which is actually on the client', you do need to run it. But under normal circumstances, this is not needed.

Thanks for the clarification Rich. I was wondering about that.

Hi Tim,

Just to avoid confusion in future discussions:

What do you call a server and what a client in this issue? For calling a client a server too is confusing.

I would call the Satellite a server. I would call a Virtual Machine or physical server connecting to the Satellite to get updates, a client.


Jan Gerrit

So noted Jan