Logging with the JBoss EAP 7.1 for OpenShift

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I have created my application image by pulling base image
FROM registry.access.redhat.com/jboss-eap-7/eap71-openshift

and the container is up and running but i am not able to mount the server log and application log to host system, How we can do logging with Logging with the JBoss EAP 7.1 for OpenShift, Could you please help me to resolve this.


FROM registry.access.redhat.com/jboss-eap-7/eap71-openshift

allow custom external configuration

ADD standalone-full-poc.xml /opt/eap/standalone/configuration/

Create EAP User

RUN /opt/eap/bin/add-user.sh admin admin@123 --silent

Add war to Deployment folder

ADD xx.war /opt/eap/standalone/deployments/

Open Ports

EXPOSE 8080 9990 9999 8081

Start Jboss EAP

CMD ["/opt/eap/bin/standalone.sh", "-c", "standalone-full-poc.xml", "-b", "","-bmanagement", ""]