Host collection includes esx hosts

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Hi all,

I have a host collection group called "Default" which is where all systems are put into, via the activation key. When I run a job/task using Hammer to call that group, for example:

hammer job-invocation create --job-template-id 92 --inputs action=restart --search-query Default

The esx hosts get included in that job causing a sub task has failed error. When I look under Host Collections -> Default group, there is no listing for esx hosts. Also under Host Collection for any of the esx hosts, no host collection is listed.

Anyone else have this issue or know of work around to not have the esx hosts called?


I think your search-query might need to be more specific. eg. host-collection = 'Default'

If you go to Content Hosts or All Host and search for just 'Default' do you get back the ESX hosts? then if you search for 'host_collection = Default' what results do you get back?


Thank you. That was the issue. I did not have it specified for host-collection = "Default" on that reboot job. When I run it against the host-collection='Default' the ESX hosts are not included.