Job Templates with Ansible

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Hi Gurus,

I am re writing bash patch scripts for remote execution in job templates for applying patching etc. in Satellite 6.2.11.

My question , can I use Ansible scripts inside the job templates if yes can some one point me in right direction. I don't have Ansible tower



We don't have Ansible Tower, however, we use the free (EPEL) Ansible heavily with one customer who insisted on CentOS. That being said, the Ansible playbooks could be used for systems that are subscribed to a Red Hat Satellite. I'd recommend (of course) heavy testing.

To your exact question, while we use Ansible on one specific network with patching, I'm not sure what you mean with "job templates" (do you mean the Satellite's native jobs?). We didn't use that native jobs method because of the insufferable security issue of ascribing the forman account to the wheel group with no password sudo directive. We use various Ansible playbooks for one of our customers for patching. Test it a lot.

There are methods to push jobs through the Red Hat Satellite, it does involve using forman accounts. We're liking Ansible playbooks so far.

I have no issue using ansible playbook independently. My question is to use/call inside the Setellite Provision/Job templates

I haven't tried it, maybe someone else can chime in. If it involves the foreman accounts as I mentioned previously, I wouldn't due to the fact it uses sudo with the passwordless option.