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I am trying to install RHEL 7.4 server with GUI and other Linux flavors on Lenovo Thinkpad T430 with Intel i5 + 8GB + 500GB of HDD , during installation everything is running fine till accepting license agreement , after accepting the same and finishing installation the screen goes blank .Thinking of 1 boot I left it for around 2hrs but issue was the same . I tried windows 10 , 7 on the same system they all are running good . Any suggestions will be appreciated .

Ashfaque Ahmed


Did you try to access another TTY? Press Ctrl+Alt+F2 or F3. You should be able to see terminal login.

During some kickstarts (automated installs of RHEL 7.4) that I run, the system will eventually go to a dark screen during the kickstart installation, I hit the arrow keys and it typically always this returns the screen.


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