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"command katello-certs-check unable to load cerificate". I want to get SSL certificate and validate in rhel 7.3 but something wrong and i don't know what to do fix that.


Valentinus, I need more information before being able to help. Please describe what you are trying to achieve, also the command you are using and the output of that command. Of course, please replace any private information with example content.

Please let us know how to get the below files as per documented below , I am sucked here as per document .

 Capsule Server certificate file, provided by your Certificate Authority  Certificate Authority bundle, provided by your Certificate Authority

Hello Daud

It would be good to know which procedure you are reading.

If you follow this procedure then you should have no issues 2.6.1. Configuring Capsule Server with a Default Server Certificate. That procedure explains how to generate the certificates on the Satellite and then copy them to the Capsule.

Do you have to use custom certificates, signed by an external Certificate Authority, rather than the self-signed certificates Satellite generates for you? If so, there is a link on the page I linked to above which says "If you configured Satellite Server to use a custom SSL certificate, proceed to Section 3.5, “Configuring Capsule Server with a Custom Server Certificate”. "