Interested in method that obtains a list of updates from RedHat Satellite from a baseline to current date

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I can install RHEL6.9 baseline iso to a system and then run "yum check-update", this would give me a list of rpm updates from the 6.9 baseline to the current date.

Supposing I don't have a freshly installed baseline system, is there some way to query RedHat Satellite for a list of all the rpms starting from a particular RHEL version to today? The reason I want this is to implement a way to create my own fully updated ISO.

I'd be even more interested in a tool that would actually create such an updated iso but from searching I've done there doesn't seem to be such a thing?


There's a hammer command for displaying Errata in various categories in satellite 6, and a means to acquire an errata list in satellite 5.x (don't know what version of RH Satellite you're using, but I would suspect Satellite server version 5.x, we have some RHEL6 systems connected to Satellite 6.2.current and that satellite server is based on/running RHEL7)).

For Satellite 6.2.current, try the command "hammer erratum list (the hammer sheet there is not fully up to date anymore)". Also see the Hammer CLI Guide and search at this link for "hammer erratum list"

I'd have to hunt for the Errata list function for satellite 5, or maybe someone else can chime in here.

(don't know what version of RH Satellite you're using)

RedHat Satellite 6, I'm not sure of the minor version.

Experiment with the hammer erratum list command, and check out the links for reference/details.