¿How to register RHEL 5 to satellite 6.2 whit RHN?

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I´m trying to register a host RHEL 5 to Satellite 6.2.12 but I can´t through RSHM... Do I have to install RHSM in RHEL 5 in order to register to Satellite 6.2?



Hi Mateo,

You need to install subscription-manager on the RHEL 5 system in order to register with Satellite 6. The system also needs to be RHEL 5.7 or later.

How do I register a system to Red Hat Satellite 6 server?

Hi Sam Wachira

What others steps do I have to excute before and after in order to install subscripcion-managener on a RHEL 5.7?


Hi Mateo,

Red Hat provide Registration assistant tool which provides steps on how to register.

Registering RHEL 5.7 with Satellite 6.x interactively.

yum -y --nogpgcheck install http://satellite6.example.com/pub/katello-ca-consumer-latest.noarch.rpm

subscription-manager register --org="<your-org>" --activationkey="<your-key>"

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