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I am trying to register the client on Satellite 6 after I unregistered it previously. I am using the following command, however, I am getting error Organization Default_Organization does not exist. I ran hammer organization list on my Sat 6 and I can see the following there.
hammer organization list

1 Default Organization Default_Organization Repo View Cert

subscription-manager register --org=Default_Organization --activationkey=1-test-key-1


What happens if you skip the org option?

I don't think I can skip org option if I use activation key. If i just do subscription-manager register it registers the host but I don't see the host on satellite server web UI.

Did you install the katello-ca-consumer-latest RPM from the Satellite? You need to do this before registering the client.

Basically, you'd need to yum -y install before that subscription-manager command.

This is what i get

This system is not registered with an entitlement server. You can use subscription-manager to register. There are no enabled repos. Run yum repolist all to see the repos you have. To enable Red Hat Subscription Management repositories: subscription-manager repos enable repo To enable custom repositories: yum-config-manager enable repo

Thanks all for the response. I was able to solve the issue


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