satellite 6.2: How to apply updates/errata's to a client system automatically?

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I want automatically push updates via katello weekly or monthly so I can have scheduled updates. I currently push updates manually by going to Hosts>Host Collections>Collection_Name>Collection Actions>Package Installation, Removal, and Update>Update all packages.

If this is possible, can I select only the critical updates?

Here is all I can find on this subject:
(Not much help)


You could do this from the client side via cron if it is a regular routine activity - yum will allow you to install a specific erratum or security category:

yum-cron is another option that can be configured on the client to regularly apply specific categories of updates.

From the Satellite side you could potentially use the Remote Execution (REX) scheduling...

Remote Execution (REX) scheduling probably is probably more what I am looking for. I was hoping this type of capability was built in so reports could be generated on a weekly bases and show what patches were applied and what systems were patched.

As always hammer and the cli are available for your use to write customized methods to do this. We use a combination of REX and customized node-side scripts which facilitate our patching and reporting, including reporting on our current Security Errata status.

You could use recurring logics in satellite to schedule errata updates via REX or katello-agent


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